Macadamian Stories: Timon LeDain

Who am I? What do I do?

I have always had a personal philosophy that to be fulfilled in life, one needs to work at a job that is both engaging and meaningful. As a result, I have always sought out career opportunities that offer me the opportunity to have a positive impact on the world and society and was thrilled at the opportunity of joining Macadamian last year.

My relationship with the company dates back to 2003 when I was looking for a software development partner to build our cloud based telehealth solution and chose Macadamian. I was thrilled with what the team was able to produce and built lasting relationships with the developers, some of whom are still with the company today.

Now as an employee, I get to help navigate our company on our strategy around the Internet of Things. The convergence of low cost sensors, scalable cloud computing, and data analytics is transforming businesses across the planet where Macadamian is ideally positioned to help our clients navigate this transition into the connected and digital realm.

One of the great things about Macadamian is that it is lead by a visionary founder who has a keen eye for emerging technologies and their potential impacts. The company has a history of investing in and learning about these technologies and standing up prototypes that push the envelope of what might be possible, well before we have a customer asking us about it. As a result, when a technology does become big, we understand its full potential and how best to leverage it and integrate it into our clients’ solution stack.

A recent example of this was our investment in building interactive voice skills for the Amazon Echo. The Echo is not officially available in Canada, but it has become a very big thing in the US and has just launched in Europe. Our founder saw the potential of this technology over a year ago and we explored building skills (the equivalent of apps for the device) that enhance it and enable you to interact and engage with a product entirely through voice alone! That insight and the investment in time to learn about and explore it resulted in us pushing the envelope on what is possible when we launched our first healthcare product using it. The result: a client who is thrilled with the product we delivered and recognition for being at the forefront of a new and growing field!

I look forward to each new day, energized by the conversations with the entrepreneurs we support, and the inventive products we help them bring to market. I am also so fortunate to work with a talented group of colleagues who I love to learn from and laugh with.

To learn more about Macadamian, our work culture, and current opportunities visit our careers page.



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