Macadamian Stories: Kimberley Curtis

When I did my co-op term at Macadamian, I couldn’t believe how much I was able to learn and improve in just 4 months. Unsurprisingly, after finishing school, I found myself back at Macadamian, and have been a developer here for the last 3 years.

Macadamian is a great place to learn and advance your skills. I’m always impressed with the talent of my coworkers. As a contracting company, we do a lot of short projects, so devs get to work with a wide range of technologies. We all love that feeling of starting new, the opportunity/potential to do it the “right” way, to do things differently this time based on what we learned last time. While this experience is rare at many companies, I’ve already done it 4 times since I started here.

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In my current role I’m a development lead for a team of 6. I’m basically an interface between the customer and our dev team. I work directly with the customer every day to help define new features. I eliminate blockages, enabling the rest of the dev team to do what they’re best at. At scrum I’m often like “I don’t know what I’m doing today”. Every day is a bit of a surprise. Sometimes I have meetings with the customer, sometimes urgent issues will come up so I help debug them, some days I will code. There’s a lot of variety so I never get bored.

One of my favorite things about Macadamian is they truly understand the concept of “work-life balance”. Sorry if that term makes you want to throw up a little. Companies love to drop this term when recruiting, but when you ask them to elaborate it’s usually pretty disappointing. Last year my spouse got a job in Silicon Valley, so we relocated from Ottawa to California. When I told Macadamian I was moving, they offered “just keep working for us but work from home”. Awesome right? So I became a remote worker, and I love it. I often take working vacations when I travel to visit my family. Have you come across a lot of companies that are THIS flexible? For me I can count them on one hand.

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