Macadamian Stories: Hala Al-Jaber

Who am I? What do I do?

Often when I’m asked what I do at Macadamian, I get a lot of blank faces when I tell them I do User Experience Research. My role is to use a variety of user research techniques to provide context and insight into the software design process. I work hand in hand with a number of internal and external stakeholders like interaction designers, product owners, and end users to understand their experiences, needs, requirements, and expectations.

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I started my journey in user experience about 3 years ago, as a UX intern at Macadamian. During that time, I had the chance to work on a few design and research projects. I quickly realized my passion for user experience research and about three months into the job, I asked to focus on research and transitioned into my current role.

Throughout the past 3 years at Macadamian, I’ve worked on a variety of projects from various industries like banking, telecommunications, healthcare, travel, digital signage, accounting, and many more. I think this is the beauty of working for a company like Macadamian; each and every project you work on is unique and challenging in its own way.

Not only do I work with different industries, but also the type of research that I conduct differs from one project to the next. One day, I am conducting diary studies and interviews to create journey maps and personas. The next, I am conducting usability tests, concept walkthroughs or heuristic evaluations. The platform on which this research is conducted also varies with each project. Sometimes I am working on desktop or mobile apps, others it’s hardware such as ultrasound machines or stethoscopes.

Why do I love working here?

Besides the diversity of the projects, there are many great things about working here that makes my experience at Macadamian very enjoyable. Throughout my years, I never felt micro-managed. Macadamian trusts that the work will be completed and the best quality will be delivered.

Another wonderful thing is that I have flexible hours as well as the ability to work from home. Not just my Ottawa home, but my anywhere-in-the-world home. We also have ‘Mac Days’ where you can take a long weekend during the months without official holidays. Two of the many other perks that I really enjoy at Macadamian include the French classes that are offered for those that are interested in learning and Yoga in the office to relax our minds. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget our annual “Breakfast by Bosses” where the executive team prepares breakfast for us all!

I honestly don’t know a lot of organizations that care about the happiness and wellbeing of their employees, as much as Macadamian does!

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A full-service software development & UX design firm helping leaders in healthcare craft innovative digital & connected health solutions.

A full-service software development & UX design firm helping leaders in healthcare craft innovative digital & connected health solutions.