Macadamian Intern Stories: Amos Marsters

If you get the opportunity to take an internship with Macadamian, take it. Over the past four months I’ve worked as a Graphic Design intern for the UX team doing a lot of different things I never thought I would ever be able to do. On top of that, the diversity of employees and personalities is vast, from developers, to sales, designers, researchers, there are no boring people here.

Honestly I was very frightened before I started. The 19 year old company has many large scale clients that you hear about, and when you see people work for them it’s surreal. It was daunting. Mainly because all internship experiences I’ve heard about are scary, as if you make one mistake and you are doomed. But I never felt that way at Macadamian, it was not what I was expecting from a professional and successful business. I was expecting daily check-ups, someone watching over my shoulder, and to be worked insanely hard, but it was very much the opposite. There is a sense of trust amongst colleagues and people. It’s refreshing and gives you confidence in your work. People expect the best work from you, and with that freedom and respect, it’s easy to provide.

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So what did I do? Originally I started as a Graphic Design intern, but quickly I was given work with some pretty big clients (that scared me more than anything) doing actual work with actual people for actual projects. My expectations were getting coffee for people, stapling papers, photocopying things, maybe the odd small design project, but nothing close to what I am doing now. The opportunities are there, and the people you work with are more than happy to help you succeed.

In retrospect I’m not sure there is one mean person at Macadamian, but if there is I cannot find them, and I will not have time to. My four month internship is coming to an end. I was lucky enough to experience and learn a lot from many of the people I met here. I could go on forever about all the great things and people in the company, but what’s paramount is: people give you opportunities to succeed and help you get there. Your colleagues care, not just about the projects, but about everyone’s success, even the interns.

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